The Ohana Vote:

The 2008 election results demonstrated that youth and minorities supported Obama by overwhelming margins and are amongst his most dedicated supporters. (

There have been many stories of how young people have successfully convinced their family members to support Barack’s candidacy.
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By convincing all our family members and friends to vote for him, we will ensure that Barack returns to the White House for a second term!  Please record your own video story about why you support Obama and how you successfully convinced your family members to vote for him, too.  Email the link to and we will post it on our site!

Minority Outreach: Minority Families Are An Untapped Resource

Minorities are a vital resource for electing Barack Obama. One in every three Americans – over 100 million people – are minorities.  First generation Americans overwhelmingly supported Obama in 2008.  Yet, too few minority families – especially parents and relatives who immigrated to this country – are involved in the democratic process.  Far too few are registered to vote or even paying attention to the elections.  Traditional voter outreach (canvassing and phone-banking) often fails to
reach these communities because they are generally distrustful of strangers.  However, first generation American youth are highly engaged in political activism and are extremely influential in motivating their families to invest in the future of our country.  Parents and other relatives are most receptive to their Americanized youth because their children bridge the gap between American culture and the family’s native background.  Many of these recent immigrants came to America so their children could have a better life, and as such, are more willing to respect their children’s wishes.

Ohana Obama: Join the Family

Getting your family members and friends to cast a vote in the upcoming election is the most important way to make sure we send Barack back to Washington for a second term!  The first thing we need to do is get all our family members and friends registered to vote.
Ohana Obama makes it even easier with the following resources and features:

1) User-Generated videos and profiles of young people who succeeded in getting their families involved.

2) Tips and Advice for talking with family members about the elections and our favorite presidential candidate.

3) Links and Articles about other issues and information that can help you persuade your family and friends.


Ohana Obama was founded by a group of passionate Obama volunteers from San Francisco who have performed traditional voter outreach during the 2008 primaries and general election on behalf of Senator Obama.  We canvassed, phone banked and traveled to other states to persuade other people to vote.  We attended and organized Camp Obamas, recruited and trained hundreds of organizers, and made innumerable voter contacts over the course of the campaign.

We spent countless hours of our personal time trying to contact complete strangers to join us in support of our candidate.  We’ve been rejected and turned away, hung up on countless times, doors slammed in our face, all in the hopes of speaking to the one open-minded voter with a little free time to spare so we could ask for their support.  And then we realized – undecided voters are most likely to be receptive to those closest to them: their friends and family members.  After hearing from our volunteers about how we got our families to support Obama, we knew this movement would emerge from regular people just like you.


Ohana Obama’s mission is to empower youth to activate their family and multiply the power of their own individual vote. We do this by providing them with online resources, video testimonials and a comprehensive internet marketing campaign. 

Join the family and get your loved ones registered today.